The World Where I Live In

I visited a young guy in his “gaff” a high rise flat in a well known city and this was the song he sang me…

The world where I live in,
lies are no harm,
here love is a swear word,
And deceit is the norm.

The world where I live in,
he who trusts is a fool,
survival’s the password,
and selfishness rules.

The world where I live in,
young people roam,
the streets are their patio,
and prisons their home.

The world where I live in,
drugs bring relief,
your girlfriend has AIDS,
and your best friend’s a thief.

The world where I live in,
hope is forlorn,
no future envisaged,
just survival till morn.

In the world where I live in,
doesn’t somebody care,
I keep asking and asking,
Is anyone there??

© Des Kilroy

A few days later as a social worker, I visited his gaff, climbing the eleven flights of stairs, as the lift seldom worked. I came to return a few euros owed to him from our club.

He greeted me with a smile and I thought, “He’s on something.” “No,” he said, “two miracles tonight. You came when you said, and no one stole my money.”

From then on he got more trusting and open. His whole life changed, but that’s another story! Isn’t it amazing how little things can change our perception of life.

They certainly have changed mine.