The Pursuit of God – Book Review

Having just begun to read for the third time the wonderful work of A. W. Tozer “The Pursuit of God” I have to say it is one of the most challenging books I have ever read.  The author’s absolute and often desperate heart of longing to know God is evident on every page. His objective in this book is to impress on the reader the possibility and necessity of a deeper and more tangible relationship with God.

Tozer himself was born in Pennsylvania, Ohio in 1897 and became a Christian as a teenager after hearing a street preacher say, “if you don’t know how to be saved you must call on God. Immediately he went home and heeded the preachers advice.  Throughout his life he wrote more than 40 books including this one. Another one was “The knowledge of the Holy”.

After re-reading just the first chapter I find Myself echoing the heart of Tozer, “I have tasted your goodness Lord I am painfully conscious of my need of your grace. I am ashamed of my lack of longing for you. I so want to want you more. Begin in me a new work Lord, soften my heart, open my eyes anew. Let me hear your voice calling me away with you, then give me the courage and desire to follow.

In Jesus name.

Mags Kiernan.

[Editor’s Comment: We are very grateful to Mags for writing this book review and sharing her thoughts with us.  It is a great encouragement when folk share what they have been reading or listening to and how God has been speaking to them.

For anyone wishing to read this book it is still in print and is also available to read on line at Pursuit of God ]