The Work of My Father’s Hands

If you look all around
Then you will find
The work of my Father’s hands
If you’ll look all around
Don’t close your eyes
You will see the work of my Father’s hands

Don’t close your eyes
Don’t turn away
Don’t say it’s not there
All you must do is look all around

If you’ll look in the sky
Look at the sun
It’s the work of my Father’s hands
Just look to the sky
All the stars up above
Are the work of my Father’s hands

Don’t close your eyes
Don’t say no
Just look and see
The work of my Father’s hands

Look all around
The hearts that you find
Are the work of my Father’s hands
Look all around
These people you meet
Are the work of my Father’s hands

Don’t deny that he’s there
Don’t deny him
He wants to be near you
And he wants you to know that it’s all
The work of my Father’s hands

So if you look all around
And open your eyes to the work of my Father’s hands
Then you will know his wonderful power
You will find him

He’s waiting for you
He’s waiting to know your heart
He’s waiting for you to say
Be my Father too

So open your heart
To my Father
Open your eyes and your mind
To the possibilities he holds for you

Open your heart
He promises to answer you

Have you opened your eyes?
Have you seen all the works,
Of my Father’s hands?

© Magdalene Burt – 11/02/08

To hear Magdalene performing this song please click on the black arrow below and to the left.

Magdalene is a gifted singer/songwriter and member of the Worship Team here at Enniscorthy Christian Fellowship. Mags is a key member of the team here at ECF and we are very grateful to her for sharing this song with us all through ECF Interactive!

Additional to sharing this song in church, Magdalene also shared this song at one of ECF’s Beautiful Women events last summer (2008.) where it was very well received.




Once there was a great drought in the land. Humans and animals suffered much.

They began to migrate, looking for water and sustenance.

Among them were two elephants, male and female, who wandered into the interior of a forest in search of water.

To their luck they found a tiny stream. Together the couple stepped into the water, simultaneously they placed their trunks down into the water and for hours remained at the same posture till dusk.

When they took out their trunks, strange to say, that the water level had remained the same. What had happened?

As they had entered the brook, they each had remembered their marriage promise: “Even if I go hungry, I will nourish the other. Even if I go thirsty, I will provide water for the other.”

So both of them had stood there in the stream with their trunks immersed in the water, but without taking a drink, letting the other drink first.

They had stood there for hours, forgetting self and making oneself a gift to the other.

Thousands of candles can be lit from one single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. – Inspirational Quote

The above message was spotted by Mags Kiernan in a church notice, who wanted to share it with the rest of us.

[Editor’s Comment: To the best of our knowledge the above story is in the public domain and no copyright exists on it. Whilst it and certainly the ‘inspirational quote’ featured at the end are not from a Christian source, we do hope they bless you and we would like to thank Mags K for sharing it with us. 🙂 ]

The World Where I Live In

I visited a young guy in his “gaff” a high rise flat in a well known city and this was the song he sang me…

The world where I live in,
lies are no harm,
here love is a swear word,
And deceit is the norm.

The world where I live in,
he who trusts is a fool,
survival’s the password,
and selfishness rules.

The world where I live in,
young people roam,
the streets are their patio,
and prisons their home.

The world where I live in,
drugs bring relief,
your girlfriend has AIDS,
and your best friend’s a thief.

The world where I live in,
hope is forlorn,
no future envisaged,
just survival till morn.

In the world where I live in,
doesn’t somebody care,
I keep asking and asking,
Is anyone there??

© Des Kilroy

A few days later as a social worker, I visited his gaff, climbing the eleven flights of stairs, as the lift seldom worked. I came to return a few euros owed to him from our club.

He greeted me with a smile and I thought, “He’s on something.” “No,” he said, “two miracles tonight. You came when you said, and no one stole my money.”

From then on he got more trusting and open. His whole life changed, but that’s another story! Isn’t it amazing how little things can change our perception of life.

They certainly have changed mine.